B&B Properties

Serving Huntsville and surrounding areas for over 30 years

Our Story

B&B Properties was founded in 1981 in a one-room office on Sam Houston Avenue. In the 1990's, B&B Properties moved to its present location at 242 I-45 in Huntsville. After over 31 years in the business, our company has the experts to fulfill all of our clients' needs in land, both  commercial and residential. Our clients would agree trust is at the heart of our business and our company operates with the philosophy, "The real estate business is a profession to be practiced by dedicated, full-time, qualified people."

Featured Listings

6.23 acres situated just off Interstate 45 with direct access Interstate 45 - TOTAL ACREAGE: 46.23 - OFFERING PRICE: $1,100,000
LOCATION: 390 Flynt Road, Huntsville, Texas - ACREAGE: 87.28 - PRICE: $600,000
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